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I offer no refunds for any service, class, or product. If you need to cancel your membership, please do so at least 7 days prior to your renewal date. If you need assistance email me at [email protected]

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Special offer/scholarship to the Empowered Single Mothers Membership. This is subject to change at anytime.

Empowered Single Mothers is a monthly membership group created to support, inspire and heal single mothers.

Each month there will be 2 trainings, these may be hosted live or pre-recorded. You will also get to participate in 2 live calls with Jovhannah, The Spiritual Love Healer. These calls allow you to receive answers to your questions and give us the opportunity to talk about different issues that you may be facing.

We will also have guests coming in to share their expertise.

The topics cover everything from parenting, healing practices, dating, relationships, mindset, finances and so much more.

My mission is to keep the costs affordable so that I can help as many single mothers around the world to be happy, healthy, healed, whole and complete, so that you can live the life you desire and manifest the love you deserve.

You can try the membership for 7-days for just $1.99 and if it doesn't work out you can cancel. 

Each month your membership payment will be processed unless you cancel. No refunds are given. If you wish to cancel please do so 7 days prior to your monthly or annual renewal date.

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