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By Invitation ONLY!


Everything in the all-access PLUS...

This is a tight, small group/one-on-one, no secret unshared group with full access to the CASHercise Coach on a first priority basis. We go over YOUR STUFF not just general conversation and you figure out how to apply it to your stuff. Weekly accountability calls for the first 3 months to increase your 'take action' momentum.

This includes an in-person, bring your computer, one-on-one sit down over your stuff for a solid 4-hours for every 3 months you have spent in the program (or 4 per year)***

Cancel any time.

***You come to Tampa, FL, OR you join the intensive via Skype.

Criteria for being considered:

  • You have purchased something from me (price is irrelevant)
  • You have interacted with me by phone/video
  • You show up/have completed at least 50% of the time to things you sign up to attend/participate in.


I will make it worth your time.


What's In It for You?

-NO ADDITIONAL FEES no matter what course/program you choose, including new additions

-Some done-for-you services

-Author signed copies of all my published books

-CASHercise Crew T-shirt

-FREE tickets to everything I do (live, online, whatever)

-FRONT ROWS seats at live events

-Special shoutouts at any of my events you attend

-As time goes on, I WILL ADD MORE benefits.


To ensure Concierge level service, a MAXIMUM of only 10 members will be in this group.