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Secure yourself all the benefits of the Life Beyond Limitations Sherpa Membership when you lock in this lifetime price, including...

Full MAP Membership features -

Access to the members-only Life Beyond Limitations Facebook group with regular material and updates from me

Access to members only online portal, where you'll find...

Monthly online training available in film and audio format

Resource library added to monthly

PLUS full Compass membership benefits

 Workbook to accompany training
Monthly live Q & A call – added to your resource area
10% off any Mindset Metaphors events & trainings you choose to attend


Additional monthly Q & A for Sherpas only which will be added to your resource library

  Monthly 1-to-1 call  with Lottie recorded for you

Additional 5% (15% in total) off any Mindset Metaphors events and trainings you wish to attend