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Are you truly committed to escaping the rat race within the next 12 months?

If so, you need to surround yourself with the right people who can support and motivate you to take action and achieve your goals.

Are you:

  • Fed up and frutsrated with your boss
  • Tired of commuting to and from the office every day
  • Searching for more freedom in your life to do the things that are most important to you
  • Seeking ways to create financial independence for yourself so that you do not need to worry about a shortage of income when you retire
  • Looking for a community and network of people who can help you to learn new strategies for generating cashflow that can fit alongside your full time job

On the first Wednesday of every month (except August) members of #ETRR come together to connect with other early-stage entrepreneurs and listen to world class speakers sharing strategies and insights on how you can begin generating additional streams of income.

Gain access to all ETRR Meetup Events for the next 12 months as part of your membership to the Inner Circle. 



  • Entry to 10 #ETRR Monthly Meetup Events featuring world class guest speakers [Value £100]
  • 10 x Monthly Online Q&A Video Calls exclusively for Inner Circle Members [Hosted by #ETRR Founder, Christian Rodwell + Guest Mentors] [Value £200]
  • Access to all the guest speaker video recordings from ETRR01 to ETRR050 [Value £400]
  • 10 x 60 minute exclusive online ‘Mentor Masterclass’ sessions covering all aspects of starting a business, entrepreneurship and mindset [Value £500]
  • Unlimited entry to all #ETRR 2 Hour Workshops + #ETRR Cashflow 101 Game Nights [Value £300]


Plus....the following bonuses:

  • 60 minute ‘Business Brainstorm’ with #ETRR Founder, Christian Rodwell [online video call]


#ETRR Meetup Event

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