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"For any of you who may be wondering what you really want, or where this is all going—or if Entrepreneurial Exhaustion is going to be your new normal-—I have to recommend spiritual coach and Divine Soul Glenn Younger. She’s like a rocket ship of love, straight from the heart. What a gift!”

-Sandra Kahale  
Wordsmith, Professional Editor

"One light session with Glenn has cleansed and healed so much more than the years of therapy I had in the past.
With much gratitude," 
-Malia Reid
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
"Being on this journey with Glenn in your corner, well it is difficult to put into words. She creates an environment of love, joy, laughter, simplicity, and matter of fact truth. It is fun, fun, fun!!!! Join her for the ride of your life.  A vibrational voyage is what you will experience and you will have fun doing it.  I am eternally grateful to share this journey with her and what a hoot it is."

-Angela Miele
Lightworker with Sound Bowls

 "In 2010, I met Glenn and the pupil finally met her teacher (incarnated in flesh and blood). She knew how to guide me in a very real, practical, and concrete manner to recognize and listen on deeper and deeper levels to the voice of my Divine Soul – my only true Teacher and Guide, the Essence of Pure Light. THANK YOU!"

-Anna Morandi
Lightworker with Children and Sound