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  • All-Done Limelight Website - WORDPRESS
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What You Get

>>> A Complete WordPress (Or Non-Wordpress) Website
>>> Free Website Installation & SSL Security Certificate
>>> Pre-Designed Pages Customized To Your Industry
>>> Terms Of Service & Privacy Pages
>>> Sell Goods + Services
>>> Mobile Responsiveness
>>> SEO-Friendly Blog
>>> Built-In Opt-In Forms
>>> Facebook & Google Pixel
>>> Access To Our Knowledge Base, Tips, & Tutorials
>>> NO “Limelight Website” Branding
>>> Free Hosting For Non-Wordpress Websites
>>> FREE Lifetime Support & Closed Facebook Group Membership
>>> “Website in a Weekend” Training ($299 value)
Total Value- $2500+

What It Does For You

>>It Saves Money: Your Limelight Website will cost you only $99. Compare this to anywhere between $1000-$5000 + $30-$100/month if you hire a web designer for the set-up AND for using third-party hosting services, support services, and design features that were not included.
>>It Saves Time: You can have your Limelight Website ready in a matter of days- not weeks or months. Imagine: this time next week, your completed, beautiful, seamless, professional website can be up and running!
>>It Reduces Stress: No more worrying about how to bring your website to life. No more anxiety and sleepless nights. No more stressing about how not having a website is holding you and your business back!
>>It's Empowering: By creating your Limelight Website within your budget, on your own, AND within a few days, you will feel empowered and your website will look like a million bucks! It will boost your confidence online and offline and will make you feel proud and accomplished, just as you should feel!
>>It's Complete: We thought of everything so that you don’t have to! We tied all of the loose ends, connected all of the dots, and put all of the pieces together. Why? To create the most holistic “website in a box” on the market WITH support from web designers.

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