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In this offer, up to six (6) people can join this course and enjoy their scribal journey together. This is a premier offer for prophetic scribes and writers interested in sharing their scribal journey. This bundle includes LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. This means that the group can study at their own pace and retake these courses as often as needed. In addition, students receive an average savings of $15.80 per person.


We are excited that you have decided to take this spiritual and educational journey into the scribal realm!

The School of the Scribe offers the only original, comprehensive curriculum on prophetic scribes and prophetic writing available worldwide. We are pioneering in this arena. Our experience, teaching and learning spans nearly 20 years exclusively in this area. Not only are we a school of the spirit, but we are also skilled in academic and historical contexts in this area of ministry.

By embarking on this experience with us, you will access:

  • Exclusive, original course content
  • Revelatory instruction on prophetic writing and scribal ministry
  • Teachings based exclusively on The Scribal Anointing®, trademarked by Theresa Harvard Johnson in 2007
  • Teachings from instructors certified through our scribe school
  • Teachings from select ministry partners
  • Exclusive educational materials from The Scribal Arsenal online bookstore

We are known for over-delivering and ensuring students receive value. Why? Because our interests are not rooted in simply running a school but on advancing the Lord’s scribal nation in the earth. We believe what we offer is revolutionary, comprehensive and pioneering in helping prophetic writers and scribes understand scribal ministry. 

Also, review our refund policy:

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