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Feel confident about your health research! There is so much conflicting information out there about health. One day coffee/red wine/coconut oil/vitamin D supps, etc. are amazing...The next day they're horrible for you. How do you make sense of these contradictions? Which websites are trustworthy and credible? When you have a health question and want to know what the research says THIS is how you find out! Whether you're looking for information on: - health topics, - nutrients/foods, or - supplements, this course shows you how to find accurate and credible information fast. 1 - Learn who to trust for accurate and credible health information online. 2 - Cut your research time by going straight to trusted sources instead of getting lost in the sea of online health information. P.S. I designed this course for health & wellness professionals and educated health-conscious people who want to stay up-to-date and have confidence in their health knowledge. Is this is you?